Knexis Web Hosting, Security, and Webmaster Service Management

When you host your website with Knexis, we offer a number services to ensure everything is running smoothly and driving traffic your way. To learn more and get started, be sure to contact us today.

Website Hosting And Maintenance

Web security is a complicated aspect of managing sites. That is why our experts constantly monitor to ensure your site is always available.

  • High Performance, High Security Web Servers
  • Webmaster Time for Day-to-Day Content Updates
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • SSL Certificate
  • Regular Monthly Application Updates
  • Priority Response on Webmaster requests
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Remote Backup Services
  • Reduced Rates on Professional Webmaster services
  • Ongoing Development on Any Contracted Site/Application

Professional Webmaster Services

According to Wikipedia A webmaster (from web and master), is a person responsible for maintaining one or many websites.”

  • Website Quality – Keep your site fresh and looking great. We will update and manage your  site for you, assist on changes and provide free updates.
  • Limited Technical Skills – If you lack the tech skills, then general System Administration can become a hassle as your site grows. We can help with your updates or design modifications.
  • Web Traffic – We help you analyze what is the best strategy for your site to have more traffic.
  • Security – We deploy a very tight security layer that actively scans for malware and block all hacking attempts. We work to keep confidential information and files secured but customers are still able to access them. We are experts at Perl, UNIX, HTML, CGI and JavaScript.
  • Daily Backups and Updates – You don’t have to worry about updates because we do them automatically for you. And site backups are done daily, so if you ever need to revert, its simple.
  • Expert Support – Our staff are highly knowledgeable, fast problem solvers, with lots of experience to help support your website growth and day-to-day service needs.

If your website is your business and you can’t afford for it to go down, you need Knexis website hosting and professional webmaster service.We offer hassle-free, blazing fast, and mind-blowing support every step of the way.

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